Based Upon

This was a commission for a company that I hold a lot of admiration for - bespoke narrative, luxury art company Based Upon. I was asked by the directors, Ian and Richard to create a piece that celebrated their mothers 60th birthday. We settled upon using her wedding ring, which no longer fit, 3 nappy pins which she had retained since the infancy of her 3 children, a childhood autograph book containing messages from family members and her fathers wallet to use as the win inspiration for the piece.

The ring was re-set within a glass ball to be worn as a pendant. Each half of the ball would act as a viewfinder lens through which to view miniature copper etchings of old family photographs stored within the wallet. Further etchings depicting the clients 60 years were embedded within the pendant and autograph book. The box was built from layered casts of the hands of the client's grandchildren. The box is intended as a legacy piece to tell the story of the client's life and to leave space for future generations to store their own treasured keepsakes.